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The Laurel River House

Stunning View
Overlooking the Appalachian Pisgah range, this house has a superb view. The location is exciting; the house is thrilling. With lots of windows on the south side, it's a pleasure inside and out.

The living room and kitchen are facing the south side, overlooking the valley below. Plenty of windows give a good view, and heat gain in the cool months. Curved countertops echo the curved railings at the loft above.
Modern styling

Dramatic lines
The dramatic architecture reflects the mountainous views. The owner of this house can sit and contemplate his relationship to the larger world.

I had another photo to put here, but couldn't find it. It was a cold morning in December; rime ice was crusted on all the trees around. And the low eastern sun was sparkling through the ice. Magnificent!

Current Building Project:

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