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About Bald Mountain Homes, Inc.

The "chief cook and bottlewasher" here is John Senechal. He founded Bald Mountain Homes in 1982, along with two carpenter/builder friends, Eric Thurston and Bill Ferguson. The company started in Yancey County, at the base of Bald Mountain. Thus the name....Today Bald Mountain Homes draws on a wide range of true craftsmen from all around Asheville, NC.
John would like to present several of the people who have contributed to Bald Mountain Homes. There have been so many players, it will be impossible to feature more than a small percentage. Bill and Eric have moved on. But the spirit of cooperation continues. John is as proud of the crews as of the fine homes they have helped to build.

Dan Fowler
Scott Baxla
Jim Jones
Beach Barrett
Stuart Zitin
Larry Manning
Tom Moestl
Chris Hedburg

Greg Olson
Steve Farmer
Draven Arcane
Jim Gensichen
Steve Austin
Tom Graves
David Reed
Jeff Nelson
Tom Trout
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Scribe-fit Log Joinery

Green Building

by John Senechal
Published in
Mountain Xpress
Vol.7 no. 25
January 31, 2001
Green Building

Caution: Hot-Lighting For A New Century:

by John Senechal
Published in
WNC Green Building Directory
Issue 1, 2002
Lighting For The New Century

New Life Journal Q&A

by John Senechal
Published in
New Life Journal
April/May, 2002

Cherry door by Stephan Vinyarsky; Jan is holding it up

Current Building Project:

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