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Future Projects

Mountain Laurel

What's next for the future? There are so many fun projects just around the corner. Looking ahead, it might be an apartment building, a solar development, a private custom residence, a commercial park, a TND (traditional neighborhood development). There are so many variables that come together to make a plan happen, I am staying open to energy inputs from the universe and from you. Let me know if any of these ideas are up your alley.

Rainbow Valley

Proposal: A common house and facilities in a country setting. Just 10 minutes outside Asheville, NC in the beautiful Reems Creek Valley. A small collection of houses in the CoHousing stlye give grace, convenience and community to modern living.

Spoon River

Proposal: Assisted Living! Some things you can do without. Cleaning, cooking, and maintenance come to mind. At 'Moon River' a trained staff will keep the wheels turning. But there are other things we've gone without for too long. I want a health and healing focus. Independence is smart, but let's not outsmart ourselves. I need you and you need me.

Urban Legend

Proposal: Urban Cohousing. All the amenities of city living are here, with a difference. Here you know your neighbors and get together for occasional meals. One apartment is set aside with a commercial kitchen that's available to members 6 nights a week. On Saturday nights a semi-professional cook opens the doors to the public.

Clear Spot

Proposal: Solar/Non-Toxic Homes in a cluster community. Are you attracted to the safety of a clean environment? Modern houses can be built without toxic glues and paints. Yes it's true. In a country setting near Asheville, we are assembling the kind of appropriate building and land use that will be viable into the next century.

Patio Stonework

Current Building Project:

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