Solar & Non-Toxic, "An Environmental Partnership"

The Riverside House

Off-Grid Living
The house is beautiful. On acreage near the river, it's private and wooded. And it's loaded with features: passive and active solar, non-toxic, with a greenhouse.

The passive solar greenhouse is integral to the home. It collects a good bit of heat, and provides a comfortable auxiliary living space that comes close to being outside. The fireplace faces two directions.
Living with a greenhouse

Solar Heat Collectors
Water is pumped though these panels in the back yard. They warm up a large holding tank (see next photo). The heat is then distributed throughout the house by pipes under the slab floor.

This 4000 gallon water holding tank is actually a used stainless steel double wall dairy tank from a tank dealer in Wisconsin. We gave it a room of it's own, then pumped the room full of insulation.
Hot water storage

Current Building Project:

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